When it comes to renovating, kitchens are often at the top of the list of rooms to renovate.

Which is why, at Groupe Rono, we offer new custom-made kitchens. You will be able to choose the design you like from 3D drawings that will help you visualize the final project.

An on-site designer will give you tips on how to choose materials, colors, finishes and functionalities.
With our turnkey system, we provide custom-made kitchens that suit your needs.
Functionality and quality are key words of customization.

It is important to understand that renovating a kitchen depends on several aspects you need to consider. Everything depends on the shape and size of the kitchen: square, rectangular, asymmetrical, small or big.
Based on a drawing – a kitchen plan is recommended -, all space layouts will be defined: suspended components to free floor space, built-ins to save space, white or glass to make the room look bigger, etc.
The kitchen is one of the centerpieces of any home. It therefore requires special attention during its design phase.

Kitchen styles

The time has come to choose your preferred kitchen model and furniture to set up. While there is something for every taste and budget, this decision requires considerable thought because it is a long-term commitment. Given its importance in our daily life, the kitchen is a room where practicality and aesthetics must coexist.

To meet your ambitions in terms of decorating and well thought-out functionalities, choose from our range of products that come in a wide selection of prices, plans and models to redo your kitchen: open or closed, design-oriented or classic, bright or soothing colors…