Although bathrooms are generally the smallest rooms in the house, it does not make them any less important. Just like bedrooms are for sleeping and kitchens for preparing meals, bathrooms have become living spaces where we seek peace, comfort and well-being.

One can imagine that bathrooms are much more complicated to renovate in comparison to living rooms. Several trades are needed depending on the general condition of the bathroom and the new style you wish to give it.

Planning your bathroom renovation project

In concrete terms, to figure out which layouts to choose, the easiest way is to analyze what you already have and to make a list of what you need and want. Before settling on that dream bathroom you saw in a professional showroom or before rushing to purchase a type of shower displayed in a catalog, nothing is more effective than just observing what you already have: surface area, room layout, pipeline systems and electrical installations. Thinking ahead is necessary to plan a successful bathroom renovation project whose anchor points are ergonomics, integration of equipment in a confined space and ability to move around freely.

Bathrooms: a comforting place

Originally perceived as a simple transit area of our daily life, bathrooms are now considered as rooms in which we feel good and take care of ourselves. Nowadays, interest towards equipment usually exclusive to relaxation centers – i.e. spa or whirlpool tub – is increasing. Fortunately for the environment, technological progress enables new shower heads to use less water while remaining as efficient.

More cutting-edge than ever while still reflecting ecological concerns, bathrooms are genuine living spaces. With the current trend that’s strongly focused on design, bathrooms need to be synonymous with comfort and well-being. We are actually looking forward to lounge around in the bathroom to experience relaxing and calming moments. The latest trend points to eco chic: elegant layouts with energy-saving lighting and water flow control.

Just like kitchens, the look of bathrooms is becoming more fundamental. Regardless of your housing style, whether contemporary or traditional, today’s trend points to design. We are looking to harmonize shapes and equipment. Everything needs to be a harmonious match: curves, materials, colors, faucets and even bath textiles.

The streamlined and aerial style is mandatory when setting up modern bathrooms. We rely on gentle and subtle colours that are assorted to clean-lined equipment. These decorative choices make these new bathrooms a place where design reigns supreme.